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Is God calling you to be a priest?

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Discern a vocation

Thinking about becoming a priest, brother, or friar?  Find out the differences between the three, and find vocation homilies, as well as articles and vocation stories to help you discern a possible vocation to the priesthood.  Be sure to check out our vocation blog.

In the following pages, you can also learn more about who the Dominican Friars are, as a worldwide order, regional province, and as a local community.

You also will find helpful information about becoming a Catholic Priest or religious brother in the Dominican Order, more formally known as the Order of Preachers.

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Who We Are

The Domincan Order

Founded in 1216 by St. Dominic, the Dominican Order, as it is generally called, is made up of priests, brothers, and nuns who live throughout the world. 

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The Dominican Province

The Order is organized throughout the world by geographical and, in some cases, cultural locations. Each province, serves the needs of the Church in their region. 

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The Local Community

Every province has local communities where Dominican priests and brothers live together, pray together, work together, and have fun together. 

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